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To Be Takei

There is a moment in Jennifer M. Kroot’s documentary To Be Takei, where her film’s subject, Star Trek alum, stage and screen actor and social activist George Takei has a moment of genuine introspection, pronouncing ‘I, in my own life, have been the beneficiary of an […]

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A Conversation with Alex Borstein

“That’s what’s great about comedy, it’s a leveller, it’s an equal opportunity offender.” Love it or hate it, the animated sitcom Family Guy has achieved a rare level of success having burrowed its way into the global zeitgeist where it has proceeded to lay a […]

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A Conversation with Karen Gillan

“Strangely it’s all become fairly normal, that’s the weird thing. Now I can just be really scared of tennis balls.” There is a weird fanaticism that surrounds Doctor Who and within its ranks are some of the most heated passions and secular dedication that you’re […]

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