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To Be Takei

There is a moment in Jennifer M. Kroot’s documentary To Be Takei, where her film’s subject, Star Trek alum, stage and screen actor and social activist George Takei has a moment of genuine introspection, pronouncing ‘I, in my own life, have been the beneficiary of an […]

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A Conversation With Simon Pegg

“Not that we’ve ever fought zombies… but they grow out of our own parochial experiences in the UK, and that’s something that really defines all 3 films.” After trekking across the universe for director J.J. Abrams and globe trotting as part of the Mission: Impossible team, […]

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A Conversation with Alan Dean Foster

“The fact that Dr. Who is still around is more than a bit mind-boggling.” As the two worlds of interactive content and traditional publishing undergo their inevitable transition into an indistinguishable sole entity, thanks in part to recent release of iTunesU and its nefarious cousin iBooks Author, […]

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