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A Conversation with Edgar Wright

“I literally shot one of the Klingons being shot. So, you know, it’s on screen for like two seconds.” After the smash out performance of Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim V The World, Edgar Wright puts aside Marvel’s mighty Ant-Man to helm the final […]

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A Conversation With Simon Pegg

“Not that we’ve ever fought zombies… but they grow out of our own parochial experiences in the UK, and that’s something that really defines all 3 films.” After trekking across the universe for director J.J. Abrams and globe trotting as part of the Mission: Impossible team, […]

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A Conversation with Nick Frost

“I don’t generally indulge myself in terms of looking back and thinking ‘Gee wiz you’ve done fucking great!’” English thespian, foodie and all round nice guy Nick Frost has become a stalwart of the English cinema scene. His long time partnership with the irrepressible Simon […]

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