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Pale Moon

Selected to represent Japan in the 27th Tokyo International Film Festival competition section, Pale Moon comes from award winning commercial director Daihachi Yoshida, who makes a strategic retreat from his usual visual flair to deliver a wrenching character study of a Japanese woman seeking significance […]

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A Conversation with Peter Jackson

“I think it’s a hopeless exercise to cater to fans of the book, simply because at the end of the day, they aren’t a common voice.” Since the mammoth directorial undertaking and subsequent release of his King Kong remake of in 2005, kiwi filmmaker Peter […]

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A Conversation with Neill Blomkamp

“I was genetically created to do that film, I really was. And it would have been an awesome film.” While the name Neill Blomkamp may not garner much recognition at the moment, the short films and commercial work of this South African raised director has teased […]

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