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A Conversation with Seth Macfarlane

“Motion Capture technology was something that had been more or less perfected, but yet no one had really used it in a comic format before” With the continuing success of his animated TV series Family Guy, American Dad and The Cleveland Show, Seth MacFarlane’s star […]

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A Conversation with Bob Gale

“Were not going to reboot or remake the films with another cast, we are not going to turn them into 3D.” 1985 is often remembered for its notorious bubble-gum pop music, soul destroying fashion and obscene hair styling, but for film fans that particular twelve month block […]

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Detroit Metal City

In the realm of Japanese publishing there are some strange, curious and profoundly entertaining magazines to be found, including a peculiar little pulp volume called Young Animal (ヤングアニマル Yangu Animaru). And while the magazine assuredly blurs the lines of good taste, it was in 2005 […]

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