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A Conversation with Alan Dean Foster

“The fact that Dr. Who is still around is more than a bit mind-boggling.” As the two worlds of interactive content and traditional publishing undergo their inevitable transition into an indistinguishable sole entity, thanks in part to recent release of iTunesU and its nefarious cousin iBooks Author, […]

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This ain’t no Totoro. Tokyo based experimental animator, renowned independent artist and respected academic Keita Kurosaka has spent the past decade single handedly and methodically hand drawing his most ambitious animated work to date, the engrossing dark fable Midori Ko. But for those expecting just […]

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A Conversation with Neill Blomkamp

“I was genetically created to do that film, I really was. And it would have been an awesome film.” While the name Neill Blomkamp may not garner much recognition at the moment, the short films and commercial work of this South African raised director has teased […]

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